Technologies that allow a fast and reliable communication in order to guarantee an assisted and safe navigation 24 hours a day.


Satellite communication systems allow to have an always-on high-speed connection, VSAT & 4G systems, LTE systems, or installations with lower performance such as the Fleet Broadband , which are able to provide a stable and reliable connection at any latitude however.

These are equipments with a very high technological content, which perfectly suit all the others on board communcation equipments and the distribution of both wired and Wi-Fi networks.

The design and the consecutive installation are therefore highly awkward phases which require a very deep technical knowledge in order to maximize the performance of the instrument. FASER trains and keeps its technician updated through official classes of the most well-known brands such as SAILOR, SEATEL, Intellian, Orbit & KVH. We also collaborate with many internet providers to be able to always offer the best solution and the most appriopriate subscription following the customer’s needs. State-of-the-art equipments and an highly specialized team , all this in order to ensure the maximum on board safety, our technicians , in facts, in addition to being continuously updated on the latest technologies have a level of professional knowledge aquired during years of experience and service throughout the world.