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Elegance, reliabilty, ease of use: with our designing your dreams become a reality!
FASER occupies itself directly with the designing of all the elettronic aspects on board. With only one representative it optimizes the prices, maximizes utilization of the spaces, and obtains a better integration from other different systems. FASER offers to the shipowners a strong and complete technical support, from designing to overseeing the work for a vast range of projects, from new constructions to refitting.
The main points that we offer for the construction and refitting of yachts and megayachts, on any type of yacht are the following:
- Consultation with shipowner over desired features
This particular activity of consultancy offers the shipowner an important strategic support which allows us to put into concrete form his desires for his vessel and allows us to work accurately on the decisions for the elettronic apparatus, on the time, on the standards, and finally on the relative costs.
- Developing the design for the bridge and instrument panel
FASER is prepared to offer a vast range of designs, layout and designs, supported by the consultation of preliminary engineers and by proposal, until it meets their complete technical definition. - Consultation with the specifics of the shipyard and support in the economic and technical negotiation
FASER's commercial team, working together are complete and attentive in the specifics of outsourcing, consenting moreover, an auxiliary strategy for the inspection of contract outsourcing. - Assistance in the production, surveying, testing and assistance with the delivery and post purchase
FASER offers a unique support during all the productive activities, for both new construction and complete refitting. These activities support the shipyard and the shipowner through all the phases of testing and delivery, through the delicate first cruise until completion of the work.

Year 2008